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Everything was going along ok- I was playing games, making small deposits, then I finally won a tournament. I decided to withdraw the cash and that's when things went bad. First they said they deposited my money to my PayPal- but I've never used a PayPal account there. Then they accused me of fraud, closed my account, closed another family members' account and said all winnings are void. No one... Read more

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I've been playing for years on this site. 90% of the time (I'm not kidding) I lose to someone that has just a "better score". Recently, they took $25.00 twice on a transaction and when I disputed the 2nd charge with my credit card company, I no longer can play due to fraud. The fraud was on their side. I'm going to report this site so they can be audited and checked out for fraudulent activity.... Read more

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I"ve paid a couple thousand dollars wasting my time on thinking with scores like mine i should be able to when something big i played a tournament with high paying wins i got over 1700 on the game never have i seen scores of 1800 or more and for some reason i tried several time always with someone getting over 1800, mind you i had my brother play the same game with same game number different... Read more

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I totally agree that the games are rigged I was a member for many years the payments are not accurate and if you don't monitor sometimes they short change you recently when I made a withdrawal the amount I received was wrong the payments took a very long time when depositing it's immediate but when it comes to your withdrawal it normally takes 2 to 3 weeks which I find very odd considering the... Read more

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Yes l totally agree my advise is play for free only to avoid heart aches Add comment

Despite giving me a new pass word, i have been unable to log in despite many attempt. Add comment

it dont load and u keep taking my mony for a game a havent played at all.I cant play a game that dont load on my computer.they blind it out and I cant play what dont appear.this is a messed up website it take ur money but u dont get to play the game.Why are u cheating people out of they hard earned money.I will *** my card and u would not have to worry about me playing it any more.I hate people... Read more

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You will score low if you don't play everyday. Scoring is fixed. I have played many times over the years and I agree that the system favors players who play many times a day. I believe they should allow competitors the chance to play against all other players and not categorize you with others who score in the same range as you do. I have spent quite a bit of money at Worldwinner and I am not... Read more

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Yes. The Worldwinner site is a HUGE scam! I have had the same problem. I would have a good score on a game only to be beaten by a few points over and over again. I probably have the record for second place finishes in history. The biggest scam games are spades and scrabble cubes. Don't waste your time or money with this site. I hope it gets shut down and the crooks that run it sent straight to... Read more

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My account was automatically because of fraud too. I've had this account for over five years. It did the same thing about a year ago when I was free playing. I left it alone, just so happened to run across the website two months ago, it let me sign in so I started playing again. Decided to play cash games depositing three times, This morning my account is closed again, fraud. Got an email stating... Read more

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