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Basically, they closed my account for a fraudulent fraud claim. When I balked, they referred me to their Fairness Department. After a series of about 2 dozen emails, I was then banned from their site and would not be allowed to open a new account. They agreed to mail my money back to me but never addressed the points I had accumulated, worth more than $100 in Visa and/or AMEX gift cards!!

The whole issue started when GSN took over Worldwinner. They changed my account name by adding numbers at the end of it. Then they notified me that 13 hours ago I had opened a new account and that was not allowed, only one account per person. I explained we are a 2-person household and we both have an account. They wrote back and said there was a 3rd account just opened -- which I can only guess was the account with my screen name followed by GSN's random numbers. Though I denied the 3rd account was mine, they closed my account for fraud. When I balked, they referred me to their "Fairness Dept." After a series of about 2 dozen emails, the Fairness Dept. unfairly kept my accounts closed for "fraud" and I am banned from opening a new account.

I requested my money back and my points. They agreed to send my money back but never addressed the points.

There were enough points between our two accounts for numerous Visa gift cards and I wonder if that was the real reason for closing me down. I was a member for 10 years on one account and he was a member for 7 years on the other account; between the two, we had accumulated a tidy sum worth of gift cards.

This was baffling, as well as terribly insulting (They should realize calling someone a fraud needs to be supported otherwise it's slander). I tried to come to an understanding with their "Fairness Dept.", to no avail. They eventually closed both of our accounts (we had 2 accounts for our household of 2 people, which is allowed per their TOS). They mailed the money back for one account which was $20-something, but not the other account which was $30-something. Interesting how they selected the lowest money account to refund. Since they claim they are closing our accounts because both accounts are "clearly" mine, then they should have clearly refunded both accounts to me! To this day, they never ever gave credit for our points which we could have bought Visa and/or AMEX cards with the points. I played religiously and had accumulated points which I intentionally saved up, like a savings account, to order gift cards for Christmas gifts. They never addressed my concern about the points. Oh my gosh, I was sooo upset.

Worldwinner had become a way of life for me and even when I had a serious surgery in the late 90s, I had them bring my computer and set if on the rolling tray so it could pull it up to my bed, ha! Truly addicted to that game site, just as I was getting addicted to the morphine drip that took away post surgery pain (ha!).

Years have passed and I have since joined several other game sites but I no longer play for money. I got burned, badly, and learned a hard lesson -- the lesson I learned is that there is no one regulating these Internet money games and they can pretty much do what they want and -- closing down accounts that have accumulated too many points is obviously their SOP.

It says to attach anything that makes your story more credible. I have attached the beginning of the end -- when they first joined forces with GSN and they issued me an account with my screen name followed by some numbers., which they eventually falsely claimed to be my third account.

I also attached the last point summary.

Also, when they closed my account and said I was no longer welcomed in the Worldwinner community due to "fraud", I posted my upset on their facebook page. Interestingly, someone replied to my facebook post:

Espen Hutchinson commented on WorldWinner's Wall post.

Espen wrote: "The game is preset to take your money, trust me been playing (was working here) for the last 10 years. Only about 50 people on the whole website actually win and they are affiliated with worldwinner, so be careful, do not deposit money in this site! If you do we were told to call fraudulent activity on 95% of the accounts so BEWARE!!"

I believe this person! They called fraudulent activity on my account and it was totally unfounded, insulting, and costly.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "being called a fraud and ripping off our points" of worldwinner com account and associated monetary loss in the amount of $200. Worldwinner needs to "an apology for kicking me off their website, most importantly for calling me a fraud, and then also for keeping all of my accumulated points" according to poster's claims.

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