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My only suggestion would be to file a BBB complaint against them. Looks like over forty people have in the last three years.

Here is the link worldwinner BBB site. negative example of this shady company is they put your winnings on 1099 form each year. Then me for example, I won ten thousand in tournaments, however it cost me twelve thousand dollars to make that ten thousand, thus a two thousand dollar loss right? Not according to them, I can't write the twelve thousand dollars in gambling losses because the site states it is a game of skill not gambling.

Please beware and don't be like me!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #782532

i got the same *** they send the form to IRC they screw me up on 4 000


I agree, I requested a withdrawal knowing my money was not credit money and yet I am still trying to get my funds deposited into my account. They are trying to say my funds was credit funds and cannot be deposited to my bank account.

I have not played with credit funds and I do not understand why they are doing this, yet they take out their money and since I won double the amount I wanted return and they make a fuss over it. I have trouble with this before over the years and have stop playing and I thought maybe I try again, wrong, same crooks, I am deleting the game forever.

Traverse City, Michigan, United States #630644

world winner hardly pays when you withdraw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if you make a complaint they make yu sound like theres deposit complaints toooo!!!!!!!!!! scam!!!! good luck there


"Game of skill" my *ss!! I seen too many scores on there that are unhuman.

Since then, I promised I never put another dollar on that ripp off website. Maybe I would of dropped another dollar in if they started showing your oppenents games or something since they got that crock of **** oath under being fair. But after reading the number of complaints bout them filing your winnings regardless of what you loss that 1099 form each year. Looking for how can people make them unhuman scores.

I sure wont touch this site no more now!!

Sorry for your loss.

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